Gordon Ramsay Halloween

The scariest night of the year required something spooky yet stylish… can you make Halloween sexy, we think you can!

Using the warm tones of autumn we decided to dry hundreds of flowers and foliage stems to create dead arrangements in pewter vases. These were used alongside a selection of animal skulls, church and tapered candles in pewter stands, old battered books added height and 200 pumpkins of various sizes, half sprayed black, completed the table centres across some of Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurants.

At Heddon Street Kitchen and Bread Street Kitchen we went a step further and added 50 or so creepy looking twisted willow trees covered in asparagus fern and impaled with tiny animal skulls and bats.

We also arranged for makeup artist to turn the bar and waiting staff into skeletons, with faces and hands painted for the special night.