Gordon Ramsay’s York & Albany, Gingerbread Cabin

What do you do with an old wood cabin…. Turn it into a Gingerbread Cabin of course! This is what we were asked to do for the York & Albany’s courtyard Christmas installation. We had so much fun creating the cream frosting piping which decorated the exterior walls of the cabin and building a forest of gingerbread Christmas trees with matching cream frosting decoration.

The cabin was to be used for private group bookings during the winter months, so we decided to go kitsch with the interior, mixing vintage furniture pieces and eclectic props and ornaments all individually and lovingly sourced from ebay and etsy.

The courtyard around the cabin was filled with Christmas trees all wrapped with sparkling fairy lights to create that magical winter setting.

Guests lucky enough to nab a slot in the cabin enjoyed gingerbread decorating classes followed by ginger bread inspired cocktails, perfect for a Christmas get together with friends.